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"Our Purpose: To Support the Inclusivity and Engagement in Union’s Culture by 100 percent of the Union Community"

Union Public Schools

To contact the DEI Council, email


  • DEI Council serves as an advising/recommending group to senior leadership
  • Supports Union’s core values to foster healthy relationships in a learning environment in which:
    • All community members are highly valued.
    • All community members are respected.
  • Promote and advocate for opportunities for underrepresented members to support a diverse community at all levels
  • Conducts analysis of the state of belonging of Union community
    • Quantitative
      • Conducts data analysis
    • Qualitative
      • Listens to experiences and expressed needs of Union community
  • Create Awareness of inclusive and engagement efforts
    • Celebrate successes and happenings of belonging
    • Address perceptions of community
  • Identifies barriers to inclusivity and engagement
    • Makes recommendations of action/initiatives to applicable leaders
  • Monitor and report progress of inclusivity and engagement initiative recommendations
  • Maintain and advocate for student, parent, and staff voice
  • Assist in aligning district initiatives with inclusivity and engagement
  • Remain organic and dynamic based on needs of community

DEI Council Members


Todd Nelson, Senior Executive Director of Research, Design, and Assessment, 
James Cooper, High School Assistant Principal

John Chargois
High School Principal

Fatme El Naddaf
Grove EL Coach

Twytinna Gardner
Ellen Ochoa Counselor

Chanda Gibson
College Career Counselor

Adrian Gomez
Band Instructor

Wen Guo
Moore Building Engineer

Dulce Jimenez
Certified Hiring Supervisor

Brittney Johnson
HS Social Studies Teacher

Scott Pennington
Director of Hope - Guidance - SEL

Amanda Peregrina
District Bilingual Liaison

Myriam Puleo
Homeless Liaison, Enrollment Center

Lan Quach
6th/7th Custodian

Lindsay Smith
Moore Principal

Mila Trujillo
6th/7th Assistant Principal

Mike Yip
District Chef